Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Phoebe Wheatley

Happy Birthday Phoebe Wheatley, we hope you have a wonderful day full of delicious pinks, lovely sweet treats and loads of surprises, as any little girl deserves. Love to you Big Girl XOXOXOXOXOXO


Next project please.... This is a completed quilt for my Mother-in-Law's birthday last year...now completed. I have fallen in love with this over and over, its the fabrics, naturally ones I really love, but also the composition. I do apologise for the overall view I couldn't go outdoors as it was raining. But I think you get the idea, Log Cabin with a twist, and bright outlandish colours. I know it will be loved and appreciated so it is time to say goodbye, it's been nice!
Now that I have completed that, I knew I had to overcome another hurdle of this blog. Forever a source of the unknown and what am I doing, how do I get that file (I tried but it didn't work Choc), it seems to have worked out ok today, so hang in there Blogland I'll try and get a little more au fait with the workings of this great thing. Happy Days!