Monday, June 23, 2008

Secret Womens Business

Ok here I am, happy to be back with some stash from the show...ohhhhahhhhhhh. Beautiful Libertys, gorgeous and very cute Megumi Sakakibara Collection, just for the bunny lovers out there, and other bits and pieces. I must admit to absolutely adoring the Megumi Collection with the bunnies, flowers perfect for little girls.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a tangled web...

Urgh, this whole blogging thingo stresses me out, I wish I was more computer savvy,but practise makes perfect I guess so hopefully tomorrow I will get on again and conquer my fears. I have been a little busy, holidaying, sleeping when I can snatch some time, sewing a few projects, one of which I have to show and tell. I know Choccybangles has been giving it a shot too, and it's interesting to see how sisters can vary so much. I get that inspiring phone call from the other side of Australia, that kick starts me into eating into my stash which my delightful husband believes I will not use in 30 that a challenge, little does he know, about "Secret Women's Business".

Anyway I have really enjoyed doing these, webs, after catching up with the ever-inspiring Sheena, and her fabulous ability to think outside the square and to offer up some absolutely stunning ideas.