Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Walk in the Forest

I have just completed a quilt top from Kaffe Fassett's book Kaleidoscope of Quilts. To be specific, "Morning Garden Quilt" or "Tapestry Garden Quilt" depending what picture inspires. This is the second one I have whipped up, the other was predominantly Kaffe's fabric. I had started to cut ages ago, way back last year when I started number one, so in my flurry to complete the incomplete, this is the end result. I love the riot of colour, although a little less bright than usual, and the composition of fine Libertys with Amy Butler's bold "Belle" collection.
It has been a release just to go forth and throw a combination of fabrics together which a lot of people may say don't work together, but quilting is personal, and doesn't have to be a precise exercise. So be free and create.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skipping a heart beat...

Well a four to five week turn around - who would have thought possible, amongst the decision to sell, a three year old and generally life. But I have nearly done it. This is my sisters' (Turramurra) Birthday present , which I lovingly stitched with Denyse Schmidt's latest collection. The fresh contemporary colours with the olde world prints...... I fell in love with this little number too, but find peace in knowing it is going to be loved and treasured (you will won't you!?).

I thought I'd do something different though with the backing instead of a plain backing, much inspired by the gorgeous quilts of Gees Bend. I enjoyed this random process and look forward to experimenting with this process a little more.

So hope you like it Potty Mouth Mama, (don't worry, she has already seen it last weekend at a special Birthday brekkie at Fratelli....hmmmm my favourite)