Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh its about time, I write since has been since July. Holidays, busy three year old, pregnancy...and the forever passing of time....where does it go. Then I read my sisters blog PottymouthMamma and she puts me to shame. And today is no exception, three posts, I,m wondering if there is such a thing as Bloggers anonymous, or just be pleased she isn't pacing the pavement, beating the kids or drinking alone!

I am a self confessed lover of jewellery whether it be art pieces, handmade, vintage, shiny, Pearlie,you name it, and I have fallen head over heels for this designer Natalia Brilli, ohhhhhh its to die for, edgy, black, "naughty" in a leather kind of way.....check it out.

Another love is Lenka, mellow tunes which I gave to my husband for his birthday. The gorgeous cover caught my eye, and that was it,a bit of goggling I heard the sounds and it is a winner.

I've nested so much of late I was expecting to grow feathers, but the room for the new arrival is nearly complete, through some blood, sweat and quite a few tears. Clothes are yet to be laundered and stored but that will happen, I wish I could conjure up some energy to whip up a wee quilt. Which I have chosen a few of my favourite dominantly pink, and no I don't know the sex of the babe. But we will see.

The house has been cleansed, and boxed away another job to do on a rainy day and for once and for all rid myself of stuff! Amazing how much you accumulate over 37years. But its not just stuff its special things,memorbilia and a bit of this and that and I really hate it when my girlfriend tells me I have a lot of stuff.....its me, my life, my family and what makes me comfortable

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Walk in the Forest

I have just completed a quilt top from Kaffe Fassett's book Kaleidoscope of Quilts. To be specific, "Morning Garden Quilt" or "Tapestry Garden Quilt" depending what picture inspires. This is the second one I have whipped up, the other was predominantly Kaffe's fabric. I had started to cut ages ago, way back last year when I started number one, so in my flurry to complete the incomplete, this is the end result. I love the riot of colour, although a little less bright than usual, and the composition of fine Libertys with Amy Butler's bold "Belle" collection.
It has been a release just to go forth and throw a combination of fabrics together which a lot of people may say don't work together, but quilting is personal, and doesn't have to be a precise exercise. So be free and create.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skipping a heart beat...

Well a four to five week turn around - who would have thought possible, amongst the decision to sell, a three year old and generally life. But I have nearly done it. This is my sisters' (Turramurra) Birthday present , which I lovingly stitched with Denyse Schmidt's latest collection. The fresh contemporary colours with the olde world prints...... I fell in love with this little number too, but find peace in knowing it is going to be loved and treasured (you will won't you!?).

I thought I'd do something different though with the backing instead of a plain backing, much inspired by the gorgeous quilts of Gees Bend. I enjoyed this random process and look forward to experimenting with this process a little more.

So hope you like it Potty Mouth Mama, (don't worry, she has already seen it last weekend at a special Birthday brekkie at Fratelli....hmmmm my favourite)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Secret Womens Business

Ok here I am, happy to be back with some stash from the show...ohhhhahhhhhhh. Beautiful Libertys, gorgeous and very cute Megumi Sakakibara Collection, just for the bunny lovers out there, and other bits and pieces. I must admit to absolutely adoring the Megumi Collection with the bunnies, flowers perfect for little girls.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a tangled web...

Urgh, this whole blogging thingo stresses me out, I wish I was more computer savvy,but practise makes perfect I guess so hopefully tomorrow I will get on again and conquer my fears. I have been a little busy, holidaying, sleeping when I can snatch some time, sewing a few projects, one of which I have to show and tell. I know Choccybangles has been giving it a shot too, and it's interesting to see how sisters can vary so much. I get that inspiring phone call from the other side of Australia, that kick starts me into eating into my stash which my delightful husband believes I will not use in 30 that a challenge, little does he know, about "Secret Women's Business".

Anyway I have really enjoyed doing these, webs, after catching up with the ever-inspiring Sheena, and her fabulous ability to think outside the square and to offer up some absolutely stunning ideas.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Phoebe Wheatley

Happy Birthday Phoebe Wheatley, we hope you have a wonderful day full of delicious pinks, lovely sweet treats and loads of surprises, as any little girl deserves. Love to you Big Girl XOXOXOXOXOXO


Next project please.... This is a completed quilt for my Mother-in-Law's birthday last completed. I have fallen in love with this over and over, its the fabrics, naturally ones I really love, but also the composition. I do apologise for the overall view I couldn't go outdoors as it was raining. But I think you get the idea, Log Cabin with a twist, and bright outlandish colours. I know it will be loved and appreciated so it is time to say goodbye, it's been nice!
Now that I have completed that, I knew I had to overcome another hurdle of this blog. Forever a source of the unknown and what am I doing, how do I get that file (I tried but it didn't work Choc), it seems to have worked out ok today, so hang in there Blogland I'll try and get a little more au fait with the workings of this great thing. Happy Days!