Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh its about time, I write since has been since July. Holidays, busy three year old, pregnancy...and the forever passing of time....where does it go. Then I read my sisters blog PottymouthMamma and she puts me to shame. And today is no exception, three posts, I,m wondering if there is such a thing as Bloggers anonymous, or just be pleased she isn't pacing the pavement, beating the kids or drinking alone!

I am a self confessed lover of jewellery whether it be art pieces, handmade, vintage, shiny, Pearlie,you name it, and I have fallen head over heels for this designer Natalia Brilli, ohhhhhh its to die for, edgy, black, "naughty" in a leather kind of way.....check it out.

Another love is Lenka, mellow tunes which I gave to my husband for his birthday. The gorgeous cover caught my eye, and that was it,a bit of goggling I heard the sounds and it is a winner.

I've nested so much of late I was expecting to grow feathers, but the room for the new arrival is nearly complete, through some blood, sweat and quite a few tears. Clothes are yet to be laundered and stored but that will happen, I wish I could conjure up some energy to whip up a wee quilt. Which I have chosen a few of my favourite dominantly pink, and no I don't know the sex of the babe. But we will see.

The house has been cleansed, and boxed away another job to do on a rainy day and for once and for all rid myself of stuff! Amazing how much you accumulate over 37years. But its not just stuff its special things,memorbilia and a bit of this and that and I really hate it when my girlfriend tells me I have a lot of stuff.....its me, my life, my family and what makes me comfortable

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potty mouth mama said...

Where are the pictures girlfriend??? Welcome back into the fold.